The Audio Books Project

There are many who find it difficult to read Urdu script, especially of old publications. This is further complicated by the poor quality of the scanned books available online. But, a large number can, thankfully, still understand ‘spoken’ Urdu.

Hence, I embarked on a project to convert rare Urdu books into audio format . The first book selected is Shibli’s travelogue to Turkey, Egypt and Shaam (Safarnama Roum-o-Misr-o-Shaam).

The first three chapters of the Travelogue have been converted into audio form. Please scroll down to listen to the respective audio clips.

As of 30 November 2021, I have successfully published 29 episodes from the Safarnamah on my YouTube Channel. Some of these have English subtitles. The description of each video/audio clip is in English and attempts to summarize the contents of each clip. Non-Urdu speakers can get a fairly good idea about each clip just by reading the description on YouTube. Apart from the Safarnamah, I have also published clips relating to poems written by Allama Shibli. Most are with English subtitles.

Click here to go to the playlist containing the aforesaid clips.

The Mohammed Ali Jauhar Podcasts

I have added a new page which contains podcasts based on the book by Abdul Majid Daryabadi on Mohammed Ali Jauhar, the hero of the Khilafat Movement.

Click here to go to the Mohammed Ali Podcasts page.

Many of these audio files have now been converted into YouTube videos with English subtitles. Click here to access the playlist containing the videos on Mohammed Ali Jauhar.