Safarnama-Room-wa- Misr-Wa Sham

There are many who find it difficult to read Urdu script, especially of old publications. This is further complicated by the poor quality of the scanned books available online. But, a large number can, thankfully, still understand ‘spoken’ Urdu.

Hence, I embarked on a project to convert rare Urdu books into audio format . The first book selected is Shibli’s travelogue to Turkey, Egypt and Shaam (Safarnama Roum-o-Misr-o-Shaam).

This is a beta release. Your suggestions will help improving the next releases.

The narrator is Sheikh Fuzail Nadwi.

Chapter 1: Tamheed

Podcast of Allama Shibli’s Travelogue in Urdu. Introduction. Kindly leave your feedback and suggestions in the Comments box below.

For Podcast of the next chapter of the travelogue, please see the relevant Post titled “Preparations”