Gandhi addressing Khilafat Rally

The Khilafat Movement, which was primarily aimed at supporting the cause of preserving the institution of the Khilafat and the territorial integrity of Turkey, was also supported by the Hindu population of undivided India. Here is an excerpt from the book “THE KHILAFAT MOVEMENT IN INDIA” by A. C. Niemeijer, pp. 92-93

“Letters are received in Central Khilafat Committee office pertaining to strength of Hindu-Muslim unity. At Rangoon besides Muslim volunteers, twenty Hindu volunteers collected subscriptions for Khilafat Fund on occasion of Id and same was done in many other towns. But living example of Hindu-Muslim unity at Old Basti is remarkable in Indian history. Hindus of this town raised subscriptions. Purchased fat and beautiful cow and in big meeting presented it to Muslims. Muslims were so much impressed with it that they also purchased a cow. And presented both cows to Hindus to be kept in Gaooshala as mark of Hindu-Muslim unity. This demonstration of feelings of brotherhood displayed by residents of Old Basti has set practical illustration for others. And if both communities entertain feelings of regard and respect for each other, our difficulties would soon be solved and with united efforts we shall be able to achieve our common object.”– Abdul Ghani, assistant secretary to the Central Khilafat Committee at Bombay