Map showing Edirne which is the Turkish name for Adrianople. This city was wrested back from Bulgaria during the second Balkan war in 1913, after having lost it in the first Balkan War in 1912. You may read my translation of Shibli’s poem which he wrote having been deeply pained at the losses suffered by Turkey in the First Balkan wars.

O Turk! O the one who epitomises the True and Majestic Lord,
O he on whom all of existence takes pride!

You, the guardian of the community of the Final Messenger!
You are today the source of strength and support to the King of the Hejaz (the Holy Prophet);

The dint of your scimitars have turned vivid the pages of life,
Europe has been (for long) your theatre of war and field of striving

You have proven again that your decapitating sword,
Remains the secret of the annihilation of your adversaries;

Every page of the map of the world that is colourful,
Owes its hues to the brandishing of your sword!