Excerpt from Khilafat e Usmania Weekly Bombay
Bangalore and Mysore Muslims come to the Aid of Mapilla Victims

A researcher’s joy knows no bounds when he lays his hands on primary sources which buttresses his thesis. I am grateful to Ansif K Habib for sending me some rare cuttings from a newspaper titled “Khilafat e Usmania Weekly Bombay”. Reproducing one clipping and its summary in English.”The news item highlighted below appeals to Bangalore Muslims in particular to send their donations for the amelioration of the affected victims of the Mappila Uprising. The appeal asks Muslims to look beyond their local needs and extend a helping hand to the distressed Mappilas of Kerala who were brutalized by the British forces.”An address to send their donations is given as “Abdul Aziz Siddique, 41, New Market Square, Bangalore”. The appeal has been issued by Mohammed Abdul Aziz Siddique and Abdul Hameed Qasim, secretaries of the Provincial Mappila Relief Committee, Bangalore. Another news item is titled “Mappila Relief Committee Bangalore”. This news items speaks of a meeting held in the National High School Bangalore under the patronage of a certain Maulana Azad Subhani to raise funds for the riot-affected Mappilas in Malabar.The news report claims that entry was by ticket through which Rs. 3906 was realized. The next day, Maulana Azad Subhani visited Mysore, as per the report. A public meeting was held in the Masjid e Azam of Mutton Merchants, where a sum of Rs. 653 was collected for the Mappila fund. Additionally there were pledges of Rs. 2400, the report adds.