Contributions of Maulana Qassim Nanawtavi and His Colleagues

This short film, with Turkish subtitles, documents the contributions made by Indians to Ottoman Turkey during the Balkan Uprisings in 1874 and during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877. The central figure during this period is the famous Indian scholar Imam Mohammed Qasim An-Nanawtawi. This is the first of the many episodes which will deal with the “Indian Contributions to the Ottoman Khilafat and the Turkish Republic 1874-1924”.

Indian Medical Missions to Ottoman Turkey 1911-1913 with Turkish Subtitles. Part-1

This documentary attempts to depict the saga of the medical missions Indians sent to Ottoman Turkey during the 1911-1913 period. This edition is with Turkish Subtitles. The first part of the film focuses on the Indian Medical Delegation led by the legendary Dr. M.A. Ansari—their remarkable journey, the pains they underwent, the contributions they made and the lasting affects of their noble endeavour, undertaken over a century ago. Part two will deal with the visit of the delegation to meet the Ottoman Caliph, the reception they were accorded on their return journey at Bombay and Delhi as well as an Epilogue whicn lists the major contributions made by the Indian Medical Mission led by Dr. Ansari, as well as the affect of the delegation on Indian Muslims.