This is the first part of Allama Shibli’s observations following his visit to Ottoman Jerusalem in September 1892, after a week’s eventful stay in Ottoman Beirut.
The travelogue paints a vivid picture of the holy sites in this blessed city, especially about the Masjid al Aqsa and the Qubbat al Sakhr. Shibli visits the Holy Sepulchure and describes Christian worshippers he finds reverentially engaged in worship in their holiest of holy shrines. He makes mention of the images of Jesus (peace be on him) and Mary he found in the Church of the Holy Sepulchure, adding his own candid impressions of those sights.
What is most noteworthy is the fact that the Ottomans had granted full right of worship to the Jews and the Christians, and they were permitted unfettered access to their holy sites.
This episode has taken considerable effort to produce. Selecting the right images and the sub-titling was time consuming and very demanding.
I hope you will truly enjoy the journey through this historical city and relish the beautiful description of the most famous sites therein in a narrative that is gripping and delightful.

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