I came across this while researching for an article on the Mappila Uprising in 1921.

In the Qaumi Report of the 20th February 1921, a leader writes—It is exceedingly regrettable to find that the collector of Malabar has up to the present expressed neither regret nor remorse at his action and that the government of Madras have failed to realise the selfish and highhanded aim of the collector….The reason which Mr. Thomas has assigned for arresting and imprisoning our national leaders is that moplahs are possessed with the jinn of fanaticism and it is feared that they will cause a riot. But we consider that the latter have convinced Mr. Thomas that they are endowed with religious fanaticism but not with political mania. Mr. Thomas with his political mania collected arms, ammunition and police, whereas the moplahs with their religious fanaticism practised patience, thankfulness, trust in God, forbearance and prayer. It seems that the moplahs’ supposed religious fanaticism is better, purer and grander than Mr. Thomas’ actual political mania.
Source: Peasant Protests and Revolts in Malabar, pp. 460-461