The case of Sayyid Fadl – The Mambram Pookoya Thangal: Malabar & Istanbul

If we take a 400 metre walk from the bustling Sultan Ahmed tram station – the gateway to the two great historical and widely-visited tourist attractions, Aya Sophia and the Blue Mosque – we encounter a small but serene mausoleum complex on the left– Sultan Mehmet Han Turbesi. Unless visitors pass this royal cemetery to get to the cafe on the other side, it is a calm and quiet neighbourhood corner. Nestled in this tranquil corner of the mausoleum lies a grave with a headstone inscribed with the name Fâzil Pasha (1318), a testament to transoceanic Sufi sagas and the magnificent history of the Ottomans.

2024-04-18T20:37:58+05:30April 18th, 2024|History, Mappila|
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